3.1 - Intro to the self-assessment tool

3.1 Self-assessment

The first step to improve your emotional intelligence skills is to know your starting level, this assessment will help you find out. I suggest you do it right now and don’t skip ahead. If you go on reading past the test, your results may be biased.

There are 50 statements at this link: https://ebz-coaching.com/quiz/emotional-intelligence-test/ for each one please indicate how much you agree or disagree it applies to you (1=fully disagree, 7=fully agree).

Your results will indicate:

·     your overall emotional intelligence level

·     your proficiency in each one of its four components or Blocks.

Everything you'll read from this point onwards comes straight from scientific research – you’ll see the references throughout the chapters – and even this test has been built on the basis of those sources. The reason is simple: my aim is to give you the chance to test your emotional intelligence in the most accurate possible way.

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