2.3 - Is emotional intelligence a skill?

2.3 Is emotional intelligence a skill?

Yes, it is. Emotional intelligence isn’t a talent you are born with, it’s a skill and like any other skill you can explain it, learn it and refine it over time.

You are not born more or less emotionally intelligent than others. You learn to be as you go along. And while it’s true that some people are better at picking it up than others, it doesn’t mean you will never get to their level. Emotional intelligence is something that has been studied for decades, we now know what builds it, and how to learn and practice each Block, just like for any other skill.

Think about it as learning an instrument: you’re not born being able to play the piano. You study the theory, then you practice basic exercises, and then move up to more advanced stuff. The more you go along, the more advanced stuff you’re able to do. The moment you stop, your level decreases.

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